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    About The DPA

    Founded in 1959, the Dallas Police Association (DPA) is the oldest and largest police employee organization in Dallas. The sole purpose of the DPA is to represent Dallas Police Officers in matters relating to employment, benefits and general well-being. Located in Dallas’ historic Cedars Neighborhood, the DPA facilities are member-owned and include administrative offices, officers conference/training facilities and a party space, with ample and secure on-site parking. Membership is open to all active and reserve Dallas Police Officers only.

    The DPA is the original and largest police employee group for Dallas Police Officers and has over 4,000 active and retired members.

    A Message From the President


    Welcome DPA Members!

    The Dallas Police Association is the premier association representing Dallas Police Officers and has been protecting Dallas officers’ rights since 1959. Our goal at the DPA is to serve our members and to promote a positive work environment within the Dallas Police Department. To accomplish this, we represent employment concerns and problem areas for our members and work to improve all aspects of the work environment for them, including the establishment of clear, concise and fair employment policies, practices and procedures. This website is a means in which we strive to better communicate with you, our members. We will use this site to ensure members are getting up to date information and will continue to utilize the newest technologies to make the communication process easier.

    Stay Safe!signature

    Ron Pinkston

    Our Mission


    Your DPA Representaives


    Ronald L. Pinkston | President

    Ron is a 29 year veteran with the Dallas Police Department and a Detective with the Southeast Investigative Division. He is also currently an area Vice President for the National Association of Police Organizations (NAPO). Ron has been on the Dallas Police Association Board since 1997, most notably serving as the Secretary/Treasurer from 1999 to 2011. He was elected President of the DPA in January 2012 and has since taken over managing the day to day operations.

    Ron believes that for police officers to give their best customer service while protecting and serving the Citizens of Dallas, all officers’ rights must be maintained. These rights are vital in allowing Dallas Police Officers the ability to achieve the best possible outcome when they are fighting crime and corruption within the City of Dallas. He has continued to maintain the path started by George Butler by being a leader and fighting for all Dallas Police Officers’ rights.

    Frederick Frazier | 1st Vice President
    Frederick is an 20 year veteran with the Dallas Police Department and a Detective in the Criminal Intelligence Unit assigned to the U.S. Marshal’s Service Task Force. He serves as 1st Vice President of the DPA by providing leadership and assistance in labor-related issues for DPA members. Also, Frederick is Chairman of the DPA’s Political Action Committee (PAC) and Chairman of the Assist the Officer Foundation (ATO). As PAC and ATO Chairman, he commits his energy to increasing public awareness of both organizations. Frederick’s message to the community focuses on how the DPA and its members symbolize representation for every officer and exemplify officers’ service, commitment and dedication to the safety of citizens.
    Beth Sundquist | 2nd Vice President
    Beth is a 24 year veteran with the Dallas Police Department and a Detective in the Youth Operations/Missing Persons Unit of the Crimes Against Persons Division (CAPERS). She has been a member of the Dallas Police Association since she joined the Department in 1992 and served as a Board Member/Co-Chair of the DPA’s Wish Upon A Star children’s charity for 10 years. Beth served as Sergeant at Arms before being appointed 2nd Vice President in 2015 and currently serves as the Chairman of the DPA’s prestigious Cops’ Cop Award Program. Additionally, she acts as the liaison for the DPA Spouses group and the DPA-ATO Double 6 Cook Team. Beth is dedicated to fighting for officer’s rights, pay and benefits.
    Michael Mata | 3rd Vice President
    Michael is an 20 year veteran with the Dallas Police Department and is currently Patrol Sergeant at Northeast Division. He worked previously at the Major Crimes Division, Dallas Police Academy, Southeast, Central, and Northeast Patrol Stations. Michael is the Vice Chairman of the Assist the Officer Foundation (ATO), and has served as the volunteer organizer for the Freedom Run for the last 5 years. He was elected 3rd Vice President in 2013 and also works as a DPA Responder for DPA members involved in shootings or any other type of critical incident. He believes it to be his responsibility, and the responsibility of the E-Board, to work diligently to protect the rights and the future of DPA members and the officers of the Dallas Police Department.
    Steve Myers | 4th Vice President
    Steve is a 11 year veteran with the Dallas Police Department. He entered patrol at the Northwest substation and transferred to the Central substation where he became a Field Training Officer. For the past five years, Steve has been a narcotics detective serving in undercover, plain clothes, and uniformed capacities. He has served the DPA as Parliamentarian, Sergeant at Arms, and Director of Special Investigations before being elected to the newly created position of 4th Vice President. Steve currently oversees the many association directors as well as coordinates member retirements. Steve serves on both the boards of the Assist The Officer Foundation (ATO) and the DPA’s Political Action Committee (PAC).
    James Parnell | Secretary/Treasurer
    James is a 25 year veteran with the Dallas Police Department and is an instructor at the Firearms Training Center. He has been a member of the Dallas Police Association since he joined the Department in 1991 and has served the DPA in an official capacity since 1995. James served as the Northeast Substation Representative for six years and then served five years as 3rd Vice President. He was later appointed Legislative Monitor where he was responsible for focusing on the legislative and political agenda of the DPA. James currently serves as Vice Chairman of the DPA’s Political Action Committee (PAC) and was appointed DPA Secretary /Treasurer in 2012.



    Central Patrol Stephanie DeTamble
    Pete Malik
    North Central Patrol Roy Jenkins
    Todd Woolum
    Northeast Patrol Katie Campbell
    Kent Hubner
    Northwest Patrol Chris Grall
    Kevin King
    South Central Patrol George Gonzales
    Jeff Jacobs
    Southeast Patrol Tonya McDaniel
    Daniel Mulvihill
    Southwest Patrol Boux Bland
    Duncan Wilkins
    Special Investigations Steve Myers
    Special Operations Steve Gable
    Chris Webb
    Headquarters Tony Castleberg
    Sherri Jeffrey
    Brian Tabor
    Reserve Director Steve Brody
    Retiree Director Dan Lusty
    Recording Secretary E.J. Brown
    Sergeant at Arms Justin Bernil
    J.D. Byas
    Kevin Campbell
    Jordan Colunga
    Zac Craven
    Vince Garst
    A. Hernandez
    Mary Hershiser
    Kevin Janse
    Andrew Palmer
    Tommy Raley
    Beth Sundquist
    Chaplains Matt Edwards
    Stan Griffis
    Chris Marsh
    Blue Unity Committee Michael Mata, Chairman
    Elida Acosta
    Justin Bernil
    Frederick Bishop
    Jose Delgado
    Stephanie DeTamble
    Gerardo Guardiola
    Mary Hershiser
    Tonya McDaniel
    Shavon Vela Wall
    Immediate Past President Glenn M. White
    President Emeritus Monica M. Smith
    Association Staff Tiffany Abbinett
    Randy Aguilar
    Jennifer Brown
    Marsha LoGuidice


    The DPA was formed in 1959 by a small group of courageous officers who recognized the need for Dallas’ officers to have a voice and representation in issues that affected them. Threatened with discipline and retribution, these officers persevered and laid the foundation upon which the Association was built.

    The early days of the Dallas Police Association were not easy for its members. The City government viewed the formation of the Association as a unionization of the police force. Early DPA members suffered the denial of promotions, transfers to better assignments and even dismissal from the Dallas Police Department as retribution for their Association membership.

    Despite these hardships, the DPA continued to grow, by focusing on its important mission of representing, supporting and protecting its members; just as it does today.

    George E. Butler was the first President of the DPA and served in that capacity until 1964. Butler was a Supervisor in the Intelligence Unit and spent much of his career handling high-profile cases involving the notable and notorious. He worked many cases involving organized crime and gangsters; history and was also part of the investigation of the assasination of President Kennedy. As with many of the DPA’s founders, Butler was branded a radical by city leaders for his organizing efforts. He was in fact a visionary, who guided the DPA through some of its most formative years.

    George E. Butler, the first president of the DPA in 1959. The Dallas Police Association headquarters building has been named “The George E. Butler Building” in his honor.



    George E.
    1959 – 1965
    Thurber T.
    1965 – 1967
    Dan L.
    1967 – 1970
    Preston M.
    Parks, Jr.
    1970 – 1973
    Charles T.
    1973 – 1978
    Bobby J.
    1978 – 1980
    Dicky M.
    1980 – 1986
    James K.
    1986 – 1988
    Monica M.
    1988 – 1994
    Glenn M.
    1994 – 2012
    Ronald L.
    2012 – 2016
    To Command is to serve, nothing more and nothing less.
    Andre Malraux