Political Action Committee

The Dallas Police Officer’s Political Action Committee (DPOPAC) was established in 1986, as the political arm of the DPA. A general purpose PAC, which reports to the Texas Ethics Commission, the DPOPAC is highly active in local and state politics. By Lobbying at City Hall and in Austin, the DPOPAC gives members a major presence with a clear and unified voice. Activities include representing members during legislative sessions; contributions and endorsements to candidates for local/state office; advocating for pay, benefits and working conditions before City leadership. In its 20+ year history, the DPOPAC has been instrumental in increasing pay and benefits and helping to implement changes to the Penal Code and Juvenile Code, just to name a few. DPOPAC participation is strictly voluntary. Direct payroll deduction makes contributing easy. We strongly encourage your participation in this very important activity.

Frederick Frazier

Our Chairman
Frederick is an 20 year veteran with the Dallas Police Department and a Detective in the Criminal Intelligence Unit assigned to the U.S. Marshal’s Service Task Force. He serves as 1st Vice President of the DPA by providing leadership and assistance in labor-related issues for DPA members. Also, Frederick is Chairman of the DPA’s Political Action Committee (PAC) and Chairman of the Assist the Officer Foundation (ATO). As PAC and ATO Chairman, he commits his energy to increasing public awareness of both organizations. Frederick’s message to the community focuses on how the DPA and its members symbolize representation for every officer and exemplify officers’ service, commitment and dedication to the safety of citizens.

PAC Enrollment Information

If you would like to contribute to PAC, click the link below to download a PAC card and return it to the DPA at the address listed:

Dallas Police Association
1412 Griffin Street
East Dallas, Texas 75215

Political Sponsors

  • Governor:
    Greg Abbott (R)
  • LT Governor:
    Dan Patrick (R)
  • Speaker of the House:
    Joe Straus (R)
  • Senate:
    Joan Huffman (R) – District 17
    Royce West (D) – District 17
    John Whitmire (D) – District 17
  • House of Representatives:
    Roberto R. Alonzo (D) – District 104
    Rafael Anchia (D) – District 103
    Cindy Burkett (R) – District 113
    Giovanni Capriglione (R) – Dist. 98
    Angie Chen Button (R) – District 112
    Byron Cook (R) – District 8
    Sarah Davis (R) – District 134
    Yvonne Davis (D) – District 111
    Scott Fisher (R) – District 92
    Allen Fletcher (R) – District 130
    Charlie Geren (R) – District 99
    Helen Giddings (D) – District 109
    Lance Gooden (R) – District 4
    Eric Johnson (D) – District 100
    Linda Koop (R) – District 102
    Jeff Leach (R) – District 67
    Morgan Meyer (R) – District 108
    Andrew Piel (R) – District 94
    Bennett Ratliff (R) – District 115
    Toni Rose (D) – District 110
    Kenneth Sheets (R) – District 107
    Jason Villalba (R) – District 114
    Dallas County DA: Susan Hawk (R)
  • Judicial:

    Paul Green (R) Texas Supreme Court
    James Angelino (R) Judge #7 – Collin County Court
    Sid Harle (R) Texas Court of Criminal Appeals, Place 5
    Chris Oldner (R) Texas Court of Criminal Appeals, Place 2 – District 416
    Brooke Allen (R) 348th District Court Judge – Tarrant County

  • Dallas County:
    Dwaine R. Caraway (D) Dallas County Commissioner, District 3


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